Date: 6/29/17 10:11 am
From: Steve Nord <stevernord...>
Subject: [obol] Fernhill Wetlands - Purple Martins

Recently it's been exciting regularly seeing the Purple Martins now at
Fernhill Wetlands. Several birds of both sexes have been regular at the
newly installed bird box for several weeks. It has also been comical
watching them interact with the very territorial Tree Swallows that are
nesting in that same box.

This morning I saw something different. Two Purple Martins remaining on a
snag that is next to the parking lot. As I watched, I saw the female enter
into a natural cavity located a few feet from the top of the sang. The
male remained on the top, singing away. Short time later, the female left
the cavity, both birds flew around the sang, and then the male entered the
cavity. Short time later, emerged and remained perched in the cavity

In the past, I've occasionally seen Purple Martins "passing through"
Fernhill, but with these birds there seems like a real possibility of
adding a new resident species to the site.

Good Birding
Steve Nord
Beaverton, OR

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