Date: 6/28/17 7:06 pm
From: Timothy Steeves <timothydsteeves...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Sauvie Island Red-eyed Vireo and Bank Swallows (Columbia County)
I have also heard, and have seen one Red-eyed vireo at Wapato Access
Greenway in the past 3 weeks. They are in the backstretch along multnomah
channel. I have heard
them almost every year, but have not seen one in a couple of years. No
surprise since they prefer to hide in the upper parts of trees, yes?
On Jun 28, 2017 4:56 PM, "Andy Frank" <andydfrank...> wrote:

> For at least the 3rd consecutive year RED-EYED VIREOS are again along the
> Warrior Point Trail located at the end of Reeder Road on Sauvie Island in
> Columbia County. 2 birds were singing along the trail within 0.5 miles of
> the parking lot.
> Seeing the swallows there was an interesting experience. A lure of the
> place is that BANK SWALLOWS were found to have a small colony there 2 years
> ago. The first year, 2015, they were seen using the nests. Last year
> there were less birds, and none were going to the nest holes. The nest
> holes in the sandy bank are still there, and when I arrived about 10AM
> there were a few Barn Swallows flying near the parking area, but no
> swallows at all near the sand bank. When I was leaving, Cliff, Tree and a
> few Northern Rough-wingeds showed up, and then Nick Mrvelj arrived. We
> briefly spoke and I then biked off and shortly after received a text from
> Nick that 3 Bank Swallows had showed up, so I turned around and was able to
> see one flying around. As with last year, neither of us saw any of the
> Bank Swallows going to the nest holes, which has me wondering if there's
> another bank further north obscured from view where they are nesting.
> Andy Frank

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