Date: 6/28/17 5:34 pm
From: Teresa M <ladytstarlight...>
Subject: Another birdy evening at Twin Lakes recreation at Ouachita
Fishing was nothing with a huge snapper turtle out there. ( I should know,
my pretty little brass hook ended up as a straight pin) 12 Canada Geese in
the shallows swam around in our cove area. 2 scissor-tails chasing a crow
across the sky. 13 Rough-wing swallows were out but protesters tonight,with
one lonely Tree swallow following behind. The waves reached up to touch
the underbelly of a low flying Great Blue Heron. My guess the turtle ruined
his fishing too. The critter of a hummingbird as it flew by my head. No
idea what it was. A kingfisher landed nearby his crest and white markings
shine so brightly in the lower sunlight. Star loves the mid between her
toes as she went deeper out to snatch my cork with delight. (lucky the hook
didn't get her as I scorned her big time.) Silver likes a rocky footing so
I went by the ramp to fish a bit in the shade. Now both kids are happily up
to their bellies in the cool water. Crows still talking one by one.

Our trip out got us a slow flying down the lane Cooper's Hawk not in a
hurry either we matched his speed. Till he put on a spurt of gas and flew
in front of us crossing the street. At home we were met by a Carolina Wren
in our screened porch. Dogs were delighted. Bird was not. Getting the dogs
inward got it outward in relief. The delight at the lake and I got my
phone out to take the shot. Was this pink and white dragon float being
towed by big brother we assume? In his little raft as he towed his two tiny
sisters to the other side where the swimming beach was. Not a bird but that
was a laughing sight to see! Makes me to want a dragon too.
Now we got two does put here with a Barred Owl pair talking away!
Teresa , MT Ida, AR

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