Date: 6/28/17 4:56 pm
From: Andy Frank <andydfrank...>
Subject: [obol] Sauvie Island Red-eyed Vireo and Bank Swallows (Columbia County)
For at least the 3rd consecutive year RED-EYED VIREOS are again along the
Warrior Point Trail located at the end of Reeder Road on Sauvie Island in
Columbia County. 2 birds were singing along the trail within 0.5 miles of
the parking lot.

Seeing the swallows there was an interesting experience. A lure of the
place is that BANK SWALLOWS were found to have a small colony there 2 years
ago. The first year, 2015, they were seen using the nests. Last year
there were less birds, and none were going to the nest holes. The nest
holes in the sandy bank are still there, and when I arrived about 10AM
there were a few Barn Swallows flying near the parking area, but no
swallows at all near the sand bank. When I was leaving, Cliff, Tree and a
few Northern Rough-wingeds showed up, and then Nick Mrvelj arrived. We
briefly spoke and I then biked off and shortly after received a text from
Nick that 3 Bank Swallows had showed up, so I turned around and was able to
see one flying around. As with last year, neither of us saw any of the
Bank Swallows going to the nest holes, which has me wondering if there's
another bank further north obscured from view where they are nesting.

Andy Frank

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