Date: 6/28/17 3:17 pm
From: Stephen Johnson via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] ID help with hawk today - check out this plumage

This character perched right outside our window today, atop a 2-foot tall garden statue. Its cries (all afternoon, mostly from across the street) are quite different from our usual Red-Tailed, and nothing like Red-Shouldered.

Can you folks please confirm - we think this is a strangely patterned, juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk. Right?

What seems odd to me is the beige / light chestnut wash on the upper chest; and the completely white legs. Also the tail is all white from underneath; although, when the bird turned around, the upper tail is gray-brown. No tail barring, either from below or above. Lots of downy fluff behind the legs, next to the tail.

The bird spent most of the afternoon perched atop a dead snag, calling incessantly, apparently looking around for adults which have not yet shown up.

Steve Johnson
just a bit south of Reston (Fairfax County), Virginia

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