Date: 6/27/17 5:06 pm
From: Teresa M <ladytstarlight...>
Subject: after work gift to my dogs and me
My job is cruel to my mind. Abuse because I speak slow. I got off early
and looking at my bleak one room rental. I told my dogkids let go find some
fish and bird fun!
Boy did we. Fish catching of tiny bream small enough for Star to chase in
the shallows after I turn them off the hook. This old doggie (12)knows how
to dive into the lake and catch them too. Silver watched the silent Great
Blue Heron sit on the bush next to us. I finally decided that the state
contest was a tie between the two. A flock of Tree Swallows swoop around
us, I counted them to the number 9. Beautiful in glide and form as they
enjoyed the afternoon evening skies. Turning around I saw Fly-Catchers many
of them freeing the air around us of bugs. 2 Pheobes, 4 Kingbirds, and a
Scissor-tail too. Nice visit with the park ranger as she was checking to
see if the dogs were leashed. Which Star was in the water enjoying life and
Silver on land (no water for her)wanted to bark at the ranger,that leash
was stretch between them like a 8 foot fishing line,
Ha! Fishing Crows talking away, as the great majestic Turkey Vulture
glides in to see if anyone left a dead fish around. For the dragonflies
fans I don't know the kinds. But there was a satin green and blue one,and
a red and yellow looking one zipping around Silver's head.
It's peaceful out there no nasty co-workers to ruin my evening. Just silent
free wheeling birds to remind me that each are different but we are all
birds of the same feather no matter whom we are.
Even poop out doggies that can't get into the jeep now because they played
in the water too long. So with a heaveho one old heavy dog got lifted in.
The other one eager to get away from the water sailed in without an
problem. The mile home net a Barred Owl early in the trees along 270 east
south of where we were. Twin Creek Recreation Park in Lake Ouachita outside
of MT Ida, AR. Teresa.

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