Date: 6/26/17 7:15 am
From: John Herman <herman.jp1257...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] ebird reports location accuracy
I realize we live in a fast paced society but in the interest of science I
believe people need to take a little more accuracy in the placement of
ebird location markers for records. Once I saw an ebird record that had its
location marker 5 miles out in Lake Superior for a list of Passerines. I
asked the local reviewer if the birds were on a freighter. The record was
promptly removed. Recently I noticed a marker on route 30 of Wayne County
when the record location was stated as Wilderness Road. I've been going to
Funk wildlife area for 42 years and can't remember route 30 intersecting
Wilderness road. It only takes a few seconds to zoom into an area of the
ebird map for an accurate location. Future individuals interested in
historical records will thank you.
John Herman


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