Date: 6/26/17 3:51 am
From: Bruce Walgren <piranga...>
Subject: Bird surveys
Greetings Birders,

Donna and I have recently completed three bird surveys.

On Friday, we did the Leo BBS, this route starts on Shirley Mountain Road
and ends on the Hanna\Leo Draw Road. We've been doing this route since 1994
and we only had one Rock Wren (Average of 9 thru 2013) this year. I have not
input the data for the route yet, so I don't have actual numbers, but my
general feeling is that our numbers are low - it was very quiet and we had
several stops with only one bird - weather (specifically wind) was not a
factor on this day.

Saturday, we did the North Platte River riparian survey (Crossroads Park in
Casper). Again it was pretty quiet with only 22 species. This time of year
we usually have 30+ species. We did find an Eastern Screech Owl near one of
the stops on the way back to the car.

Sunday we did the Brookhurst BBS near Casper (starts on Geary Dome Rd and
ends on Hat Six Rd). The first part of the route is usually not as "birdy"
as later stops and until we cross I-25 there is a lot of traffic and
associated noise. As the result of above normal springtime moisture, there
is a lot of tall grass in the pastures along this route. There was an
abundance of Lark Buntings and was great to see and hear their display
behavior. We also had three Grasshopper Sparrows-we've had them before when
the conditions were right. The most interesting species that we found (at
just one stop) was a Dickcissel. I checked, and there has not been a
Dickcissel reported on the route before. We also had a Virginia's Warbler.
It was a good day for the route - nice weather and light traffic.

Hope you all are getting out there!

Bruce & Donna Walgren

Casper, WY
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