Date: 6/25/17 4:01 pm
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Subject: [cobirders] Boulder (Northern Cardinal), Douglas, El Paso, Larimer (Baird's Sparrow), Pueblo, Weld, Eagle & Ouray
Hello cobirders,

Boulder County
Andrew Hicks found a male Northern Cardinal along Four Mile Canyon Creek
just east of 28th Street (hwy 36) in Boulder
Carl Starace found five Dickcissel (Vance, 6/17) along the Teller Lakes
Gwen Moore found two Bobolink (Nunes, 5/11) and a Dickcissel (Nunes, 6/21)
in the Field south of Boulder Road & Cherryvale
Andy Keister relocated two Ovenbirds (Hofeditz, 5/16) along the Skunk
Canyon trails

Douglas County
Rebecca Kosten and Sue Ehlmann just found an Ovenbird (Stevens, 5/15) at
Castlewood Canyon State Park
They relocated two Bobolink (Stevens, 5/15) south of the Winkler Ranch

El Paso County
JoAnn Hackos found seven Northern Mockingbirds and a Cassin's Sparrow along
Hanover Road

El Paso/Pueblo Counties
Hackos found additional Northern Mockingbirds at the Chico Basin Ranch (fee
area) headquarters

Larimer County
The Guarentes relocated three Baird's Sparrows (Wehtje, 5/15) at Soapstone
Prairie Natural Area
Walter Wehtje found three Dickcissel (Beauchamp, 6/16) & a Bobolink (Komar,
5/8) at Reservoir Ridge Natural Area
Darly Bernard relocated two White-tailed Ptarmigan (Warren, 6/5) at
Medicine Bow Curve in Rocky Mountain National Park
Brown-capped Rosy Finches were relocated at Rock Cut pullover and Lava
Cliff pullover
Matt Webster relocated Burrowing Owl (Komar, 5/5) at Coyote Ridge Natural

Pueblo County
Mark Yaeger relocated an Eastern Phoebe (Yaeger, 6/18) at Valco Ponds

Weld County
Deidre Asbjorn reported ten Long-billed Curlew at CR 51, south of CR 100

Eagle County
Michael Emenaker found three Dusky Grouse along CR 122 (Upper Cattle creek

Ouray County
Melissa Siders relocated two Black Swifts (Walbek, 6/11) at Box Canyon Falls

Good Birding!

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