Date: 6/25/17 3:41 pm
From: Donald Sweig via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Arlington Mississippi Kite: NEST
I was in North Arlington this afternoon between 4:15 and 5:45 looking for Mississippi Kites. I saw one perched adult, observed four or five short flights, and thanks to a bird flying into a tree was able to locate the nest, which is in a large oak tree on the corner of north 18th and Utah. I would never have found the nest had I not seen the adult fly in. The nest is not easy to see and at present there's not much going on. Based on today's date and what I observed on the nest I think they're probably still sitting on eggs. If that's true, and if the eggs hatch successfully, there should be more to see with adults flying in and out and feeding the chicks around the third week of July.

If one wants to go and look for the nest now please remember this is a quiet residential neighborhood. Please be sure to stay on public property, do not go on private property, and try not to disturb the local residents. We don't want them annoyed at us when there's really something to see in late July and August.
Donald Sweig
Falls Church, Virginia

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