Date: 6/25/17 8:20 am
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Subject: IBET JxP, Saturday, 24 June: Dickcissel, Swamp Sparrow, Monk Parakeets, Leps and Odes
I birded Chicago's Jackson Park yesterday covering 63rd Street Beach, the north lake front to 59th, Wooded Island/Bobolink Meadow, the inner harbor and the west part of the golf course. I was mostly looking for insects but there were a few notable birds.
The DICKCISSEL continues to sing in Bobolink Meadow. I was hoping to find out if there was a female but I couldn't even find the singing male hidden in the bushes. There was also a SWAMP SPARROW singing at the south end of the meadow where one was singing in the spring. While looking for damselflies at the inner harbor I heard at least 2 calling MONK PARAKEETS flying through the area. These are my first of the year for this species in Jackson Park. Otherwise it was just the usual breeding birds. There is only 1 pair of SAVANNAH SPARROWS this year at 63rd Street Beach and I know of only 1 singing CHIPPING SPARROW in the park; there are usually 2 or 3.
As I stated above, my main focus was insects. It was decent day with 16 butterfly species (not all identified to species), but only 1 identified moth, 7 damselfly species including several Lyre-tipped Spreadwings that photographed well and some Orange Bluets, and 15 species of dragonflies (not all identified to species), including a couple of impressive looking Swamp Darners with big blue eyes and a lot of Spot-winged Gliders. I was able to photograph all but a few species. I had a beautiful golden Wandering Glider briefly land in front of me but it flew before I could get a picture. I'll just give my full list of Leps and Odes below.

E. Tiger Swallowtail: 6
swallowtail sp: 1
Cabbage White: 22
Orange Sulphur: 1
Summer Azure: 5
Pearl Crescent: 2
Question Mark: 1
Red Admiral: 11
American Lady: 2
Painted Lady: 2
Common Buckeye: 2
Red-spotted Purple: 1
Monarch: 3 (1 cat. and 2 ad.)
Silver-spotted Skipper: 2
Least Skipper: 2
Peck's Skipper: 1

Oblique-banded Leafroller (Choristoneura rosaceana): 1

Lyre-tipped Spreadwing: 30
Familiar Bluet: 2
Tule Bluet: 5
Stream Bluet: 16
Orange Bluet: 3
Eastern Forktail: 32
Blue-fronted Dancer: 1

Swamp Darner: 2
Common Green Darner: 19
Unicorn Clubtail: 2
Jade Clubtail: 1
Prince Baskettail: 4
Common Whitetail: 17
Twelve-spotted Skimmer: 16
Widow Skimmer: 13
Eastern Amberwing: 2
Eastern Pondhawk: 13
Blue Dasher: 16
Red/Carolina Saddlebags: 1
Black Saddlebags: 21
Wandering Glider: 5
Spot-winged Glider: 20

Randy Shonkwiler
Hyde Park/Chicago
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