Date: 6/23/17 7:01 pm
From: CK Franklin <meshoppen...>
Subject: Storm birding
Bill Shepherd & I canvassed southeastern Pulaski County & into the England area. No storm birds. At Willow Beach the most numerous birds were Cliff Swallows with a few Purple Martins & Northern Rough-winged Swallows in the mix. We may have seen a Tree Swallow but lost it in the horde of Cliffs. An Osprey did a fly by while we were there. We checked the Terry Dam site East--nada. Checked Old River Lake along Lower Steel Bend Road & saw no terns at all. We had lunch at Charlotte's in Keo then went by a very empty Clear Lake east of England. We did find the two Black-bellied Whistling Ducks feeding in the ditch on the west side of the England fishing pond. First time I've seen those ducks there. Back in Little Rock we drove through the port area looking for the Western Kingbirds and found 4 along Frazier Pike/Sloane Drive not far from the corner at Thibault Road south. Several Mallard were camped out on the ephemeral pools of water in the sunken fields along with the usual assortment of doves, meadowlarks, etc. out there.


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