Date: 6/23/17 6:52 pm
From: richard banish <busterjoy80...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] new nester Gates Mills (Cuy-Geauga-Lake border)
Lots of babies and a new batch of nesters in my odd-wooded

lot in Gates Mills...

A nice new addition is my first summer sighting of a male and female

Rose-breasted Grosbeaks.

Second group of Juncos visiting feeders this week.

Fledglings are everywhere - Juncos, RWBB (with not great habitat for

them - but lots of food), 2nd batch of Bluebirds (the second brood was

housed in the woods, not in any of the 3 houses used in the spring), Hairy,

Downy and RBWoodpeckers are showing up and its entertaining to watch

them trying to figure out how to hang on and grab seeds from the tube feeder

rather than the suet (mostly), the adult Bluebirds also spend a surprising

amount of time on the tube feeder.

Still waiting on the Turkey hens and poults to show up... Toms are making

appearances, but babies and moms are absent...

I will be sneaking away to my beloved Conneaut Sandspit this week to see

what has/is happening to a GREAT birding place...

Peace + Resist...



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