Date: 6/23/17 10:39 am
From: David Boltz via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: Re: [Va-bird] Dickcissels, Bobolinks / Clarke Co. + Dickcissels on Featherbed Road, Clarke Co.
In route to Smithfield Farm this morning I stopped on Featherbed Rd., just off Rt. 340 (Double Tollgate). Within 50 yards of turning onto Featherbed I heard singing Bobolinks. I was able to see only 2 around mid-field, but it sounded like there were probably more. There were also many Eastern Meadowlarks and Grasshopper Sparrows.

When I arrived at Smithfield Farm the Dickcissel was not initially present at the birding trail map spot that Jon mentioned, but a Bobolink was singing in the small tree. I drove straight ahead another tenth of a mile or so and heard 2 Dickcissels on either side of the road and eventually saw both. I went back to the birding trail maps and turned onto that road. Within a quarter mile or less I encountered a third Dickcissel, and this one even perched on a fence post for a time.

Dave Boltz

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On Jun 22, 2017, at 1:28 PM, Jon Little via va-bird <va-bird...> wrote:

I found 3 Dickcissels this AM in northern Clarke Co. Two calling males were
at Smithfield Farm, just off Wickliffe Rd. Smithfield Farm is a eBird Hot
Spot and open to the public. The owners are very involved with environmental
issues and encourage birders to use their property anytime. For anyone
interested, they also run a B&B in the old mansion house. Google their web
site to learn more, or check page 7 in the VA Birding & Wildlife Trail

From the entrance gate, drive .15 miles north to find a Birding Trail map on
the fence. From that spot, the first DICK was singing from a small tree, NW
in the field. The second bird was north on the driveway a bit, and near the
road. Also, there were 3 male Bobolinks in the same field - one even perched
alongside the DICK for a good while. The 3rd bird was along Wickliffe Rd,
1.75 miles SW of Smithfield.

Jon Little


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