Date: 6/23/17 9:43 am
From: Marshall Faintich via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: Re: [Va-bird] Mourning Warblers!
Carol Evans asked about the American Redstart "First summer" caption in one
of my photos. "First Spring" would have been a bit more informative.
According to Dunn and Garrett's book, "Warblers, " juvenile American
Redstarts are mostly olive-brown with some dull whitish under parts, and
rapidly molt out of juvenile plumage that is mostly complete while still in
the nest. "First fall" males look a lot like adult females with a few minor
differences. By their "First spring," males have few to many scattered black
feathers as they change into their adult male plumage. Hope this helps
clarify the description.


Marshall Faintich

Crozet, VA

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