Date: 6/22/17 5:17 pm
From: James O'Brien <jphillipobrien...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] hate to follow bob's post...
Always a pleasure to read your observations. Anywho, I've been squeezing in some birding between projects over the past week. Some notable sightings:

Mercer County Heron Rookery:

Ocean County Heron Rookery:

Manasquan Res:

2 orchard oriole

12 grasshopper sparrow

12 field sparrow

1 indigo bunting

2 great crested flycatcher

1 warbling vireo

1 rth

1 prairie warbler

2 yellow billed cuckoo

5 eastern bluebirds

2 kingbirds

1 peewee

1 phoebe

12 cedar waxwings with kids in tow

a few herps...a couple of garters, 1 toad, 1 black rat snake, 1 musk turtle, 1 cooter and always my fave eastern box!

seriously great birding but you have to be OCD about the ticks.



Jackson, NJ

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