Date: 6/22/17 5:02 pm
From: David Bernstein <jackstraw1963...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Hunterdon County Scissor tailed Flycatcher
Hi folks,

Hunterdon County's first Scissor tailed Flycatcher was found today by Adrian Smith. The bird is on private property-a horse farm and hay fields owned by two different farmers. At the request of the farmer who is actively cutting and baling hay, we did not immediately publicize the whereabouts of this rarity. The farmer asked that we delay notification until this evening to allow completion of hay baling. The owner of the horse farm is very excited about the bird and welcomes birders. Hopefully the bird will linger into tomorrow and more folks can see it.

The bird was originally found foraging in horse paddocks on Island Road, Readington Twp. Island Road runs from River Road West (shortly before River turns to Lamington Road) to Route 22 right by the Walmart. The horse paddocks are near the River Road West end of Island Road. You'll know you are in the right area if you have horse paddocks on one side and hay bales on the other. Please google if unfamiliar with the area.

Some cautionary notes. Island Road is a very narrow lane and a half gravel farm road. There is very little parking. Please be sensible when stashing your vehicle. Next, there are grassland species here. Meadowlark, Bobolink, Grasshopper Sparrow. Grasshopper nest near the road edge. Please don't trample the habitat and under no circumstances enter the fields or the horse farm.

The bird is making good use of a very large area and working both sides of the road as of 7:30 pm. Please be patient.

Great find Adrian and good luck to those who search tomorrow.

David S. Bernstein
Berkeley Heights, NJ
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