Date: 6/22/17 2:02 pm
From: Bledsoe, Anthony <bledsoe...>
Subject: Crawford County, Yellow-rumped Warbler (also nearby Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Today (June 22, 2017), I and my Ornithology course had a singing Yellow-rumped Warbler at the housing site of Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology (PLE, western Crawford County, near the Pymatuning spillway) and another singing at Ohio's Pymatuning State Park (Ashtabula County). Both birds were in mixed deciduous-coniferous forest, the Ohio site with native white pine, and the PLE site with planted Norway spruce. Despite low elevation, apparently these habitats are suitable (though perhaps not optimal) for breeding. The PLE bird has been singing here since early June. Tony Bledsoe

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Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 2:55 PM
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Subject: [PABIRDS] Dickcissel - York County

I found a pair of dickcissels at the Hopewell Landfill grasslands this morning. I had been photographing a grasshopper sparrow and the male dickcissel flew up and perched on one of the vent pipes. Didn't even realize it until I looked at my photos at home.

Fun morning!

Ann C. Pettigrew, V.M.D.
York, PA

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