Date: 6/22/17 12:25 pm
From: Vernon Gauthier <pabirder...>
Subject: Reasons #6 and #7 why you should attend the PSO Annual Meeting
#6 The simple but sometimes overlooked fact that there are more migrants in
the fall! Yes, them warblers have been busy making baby warblers all summer
in the great north woods and now they and the kids will be passing along
the ridges and creeks on their way south. Fall Plumage too confusing?! That
is why we have reason #7, which is a seminar on Friday night by Ian Gardner
on fall warbler identification. In addition and there will are experienced
folks who will be present on each field trip who are more than willing to
help you improve your fall warbler i.d. skills.

So join us September 15 through 17 in Carlisle, Cumberland County in an
event that is most definitely for the birds!

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Vern Gauthier

PSO Vice President
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