Date: 6/22/17 5:14 am
From: Adams, Kathy <kadams...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Red-headed woodpecker question
Hello - I'm new to this list serve, but think that it might be the place to
pose this question. I live just north of Lucas, Ohio. Since 2005, each
year I have had red-headed woodpeckers nesting on my 10 acre wooded lot. In
about 2003 (prior to the farm being split and sold for building lots) the
woods was logged with some older large trees left standing.

Since building our home in 2005, most of the 10 acres has been left to
recover and now has a pretty heavy growth. This year is the first year of
no red-headed woodpeckers. We still have the rest - red-bellied, pileated,
etc. I am wondering if there has been a general decline in the red-headed
in north central Ohio or if they may have moved to a location that is less

Thank you for any information - I miss them!
Kathy Adams


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