Date: 6/21/17 7:14 pm
From: rob thorn <robthorn...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] BattelleDarbyWetlands,6-21:rails,bitterns
The Teal Trail across from the Nature Center entrance road was in prime form this morning, with lots of singing or calling wetland birds. The reeds are rather high, though, so seeing many of them is trickier. (Hopefully the MetroParks might be thinking of an observation platform here, hint hint. Even a large mound would be a help.) An hour spent with Delaware visitors Gina Sheridan & Dennis Murphy found

Virginia Rails - 6+ calling adults right near the trails. Several times we paused and watched as adults roamed through the edge of the cattails just next to the trail.

Soras - not as easily seen, but we did hear 3-4

Bitterns - an American Bittern flushed partway out the trail, and Gina actually saw a Least Bittern as well (I only heard one, with its soft eerie cooing).

CommonMoorhen - heard one, but couldn't see it.

Blue-winged Teals - several fly-bys

Marsh Wrens - abundant, with 10+ in the first 1/4 mile of marsh

Swamp Sparrows - at least 2 were singing along the trail

Add in the more expected birds - blackbirds, willow flycatchers, meadowlarks, etc. - and the place was abuzz with birds. June is definitely a good time to visit a wetland.


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