Date: 6/21/17 6:53 pm
From: Kara K Beach <islippednfell...>
Subject: Bluebird nest question
We have three bluebird boxes. Last year, one box fledged two broods from
the same parents. This year, one brood fledged from it and it hasn't been
occupied since. The other two boxes had four eggs each a couple of weeks
ago and we were seeing two males and two females. Well, one box hatched
about a week ago and I've been seeing three different adults around. Up
until today, I had begun to fear that the other nest had been abandoned but
we weren't going to clean the box out for another couple weeks to be sure
but today, there are babies in there. My question is. considering how hot
it has been, is it possible the eggs hatched without help from the momma? I
haven't been seeing any adults paying any attention to the box lately.

(Last year that same box fledged some Carolina Chickadees.)

Sorry if my question is ridiculous.


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