Date: 6/21/17 3:53 pm
From: Bruce Simpson <nylebruce...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] L Hope Zaleski - young birds
I am seeing many birds carrying food feeding young and young birds
It is interesting how colorless some of these birds are

Young birds
Yellow-breasted Chat
Baltimore Oriole-male
E Wood Peewee
Cedar Waxwing
Scarlet Tanager
E Kingbird

A young male Baltimore Oriole is chasing his parents for food He is making a lot of noise, but his parents are foraging and eating what they find. ignoring him
A young Blue-winged Warbler is begging the parents as they find and eat caterpillars The young bird in the end starts foraging
Cedar Waxwing adult feeding young berries
Worm-eating Warbler and Red-headed Woodpecker are carrying food

For more info on the 20 Breeding Warblers, there specific habitat, and where to bird-- go to eBird Hotspots Zaleski State Forest

Bruce Simpson- Nature Photographer

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