Date: 6/21/17 9:47 am
From: David Gibson via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] recording birds/submitting to ebird
Hi all, Here's a copy of an email I sent recently to some folks on the
Massbird Listserv re: recording birds. Thought some here would be

Chris, Join the club (submitting sound files)! I've become hooked. Now when
I go into the field, I bring my binocs and Peterson Field Guide, as usual,
but now also bring along my recently purchased, but powerful, Tascam DR-05
recorder for recording bird songs and calls. I record uncompressed WAV
files (higher quality than MP3) using the recorder. I also use a windscreen
(eliminates wind noise) and sometimes attach a handle (eliminates handling
noise). I of course submit recordings to ebird, often after doing some
editing, usually in Audacity (free editing software), but often just using
my recorder.
Recording is a lot of fun. Sometimes I go out just to record, keeping the
recorder in my hand the whole time and only occasionally reaching for the
binocs. This kind of opens up a whole new dimension to birdwatching. It's
also something I can do when there's not much bird 'activity' and
sightings are few and far between. I can always record something. And it is
an unbelievable way to learn about bird vocalizations, and sound in
general. Just wait until you listen to your recordings and study those
Good luck! Dave Gibson (Boston native living in Chesapeake, VA, and missing
American Tree Sparrows, Warbling Vireos, Common Nighthawks, Snowy Owl
incursions, and the annual warbler waves)
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