Date: 5/19/17 11:02 am
From: David Collopy <0000015f1edb12f7-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Unusual migration this past few days in Dayton caused by cicadas?
Fellow birders,Migration has been very strange this week in Oakwood, a leaf tree lining suburb outside Dayton. Most years spring migration, frankly, stinks around my house. I've been here over ten years and will see or hear a few warblers etc. This spring and especially this past week are very different. I've seen or heard six yellow-billed cuckoos, two eastern wood pewees, white-eyed vireo, alder/willow flycatcher, many blackburnian, blackpoll, chestnut-sided,cape may, american redstart and bay-breasted warblers. Wood thrushes are calling all over the place. We have had early springs before not producing these bird sightings. My guess is the brood cicadas are keeping the birds around. I see sightings until early afternoon.  I put my sighting in at cicada mania which explained we are currently seeing brood X: a 13/17 year cicada. Normal cicadas come out later this year. Has anyone else seen this? There were numerous cicada sightings in Ohio at the mania site.Dave CollopyOakwood, Ohio


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