Date: 5/19/17 10:39 am
From: world oceans <world.oceans7...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Flycatcher song at Huie

Even a lifelong composer of music like me can get stumped by bird songs,
as I was at Huie Ponds in Clayton Co. this morning. At the northwest pond,
and fifteen minutes later, at the south pond, I heard a song which was
strikingly similar to what I normally hear from Alder flycatchers, though
with an added somewhat raspy note at the beginning, preceeding the familiar
'wee-bee-o". Knowing that this species is virtually unreported in any of
the counties surrounding Atlanta, especially in May, I hoped to find the
bird but only caught one glimpse of it, a dark flycatcher-like shadow
disappearing into the trees. I only heard the song once at northwest pond
and three times at south, so there was no time to get a recording of it.

I reviewed some recordings and searched my memory of having heard many,
many flycatchers of all species on their breeding grounds in the upper
Midwest, northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada. Though there was some
similarity between the song and that of an Olive-sided, I still thought the
quality of the tones was closer to Acadian. I know that both they and
Willows do sometimes add a fourth or fifth note to their song, and I also
knew that Willow would be the likelier bird in this wetland habitat and in
Georgia at this time.

If anyone else hears a song like this at Huie, or sees any empidonax
flycatcher there, please watch and listen carefully and get a sound
recording if you can. I welcome any comments on this observation. I
strongly suspect that what I heard was a willow, based on likelihood and
habitat, and on the actual sounds I heard, but I am going to leave it as
unidentified in my report to

Good listening and good birding!

James Gibson
Clayton Co.

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