Date: 5/19/17 10:34 am
From: Floyd, Chris <chrisf...>
Subject: RE: [MASSBIRD] Mt Auburn BBC trip 19th May - Gray-cheeked Thrush, Mourning Warbler
To David Scott, and other Mt Auburn birders I talked to this morning, regarding following excerpt from David’s report:

“The BBC trip this morning found a Gray-cheeked Thrush at Spectacle Pond (northern section). Later confirmed by Chris Floyd, I was told.”

I did indeed find in the Auburn Lake (aka “Spectacle Pond”) area a thrush that I initially thought was likely a Gray-cheeked from a look at its face, but with the bird at a distance in deep shade. I eventually got good looks at a thrush, likely the same one, near the bottom of the steep part of Oxalis Path, the area where the BBC walk discovered their bird. It turned out to be a drab Veery, which I could tell for sure by the sparse spotting of it breast, only near the throat, as well as the slightly cinnamon warmth of color of its dorsal plumage. But there very well could have been another thrush there that I never saw. The key to finally identifying correctly the bird I saw was amount of spotting. Veeries in bad light more often give me a Gray-cheeked false first impression than do Swainson’s Thrushes.

Chris Floyd

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