Date: 5/19/17 10:20 am
From: Shawneen Finnegan <shawneenfinnegan...>
Subject: [obol] Fernhill Wetlands RED-BREASTED MERGANSER and CLARK'S GREBE
While a CLARK'S GREBE and a hybrid WEGRxCLGR continue at Fernhill (been here for several weeks) plus one WESTERN, there is also a female RED-BREASTED MERGANSER on the "big" lake.

An American Bittern continues to call early in the morning over the last few weeks at the southwest corner of the northern impoundment, plus there is a Wilson's Snipe that seems to set up territory in the southernmost impoundment. This morning it was up on top of one of the snags calling continuously.

Otherwise there are odds and ends. The domestic GRAYLAG Goose paired with a Canada and has five goslings. One adult hybrid from presumably a previous year continues to follow them around. Look out for more hybrids should these all survive.

Shawneen Finnegan

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