Date: 5/19/17 9:58 am
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Subject: Re: [SFBirds] Nesting flickers
Did a quick search on ebird database. the following reports confirmed nesting activities in The Presidio. Fledglings were also observed. Other observer(s) was/were also seen by me. But no documentation could be found.
1. Philips, Steve,
2. Philips, Steve,
3. Chang, Lee-Hong,
4. Chang, Lee-Hong and Guichan, Lee, Best birding, Lee  SF

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Way to keep on those rare breeders!   Steve Phillips when with the presidio found this pair 3-4 years ago. I know I had and reported one last spring. I also had a late one in Mclaren park along the fire road above the golf course. They could breed there too. Interestingly they are still common breeders in exotic woods in Kirby Cove headlands. They were common breeders as my SF bird teacher Mary Louise Rosegay told me. My theory is Argentine ants have done in their native food sources. Native bugs have suffered a huge hit in my lifetime in SF.

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On May 18, 2017, at 4:56 PM, Dominik Mosur <polskatata...> [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply...> wrote:


Flicker nesting in SF is indeed significant. A confirmation of breeding at this site (near the "War Memorial") was confirmed on May 6th of this year with an observation of an adult carrying a fecal sac indicating the presence of a brood, and reported on the listserv as well as eBird.
Much like the recolonization of the Presidio (Lobos Valley) by Western Bluebirds over a decade ago, the return of Flickers as breeding birds appears to be a response to habitat restoration (often simplistically criticized as "killing trees") a few years previously in the area being recolonized. 
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This morning I observed a possible “breeding” pair ofNorthern Flickers at the War Memorial at the West end of the Presidio near theintersection of Kobbe and Washington. The birds called and the male presentedlong, close up views. The male was very showy, brownish back with black stripesand white rump, with striking head pattern with long down curved bill and redmalar “moustache”, black breast-band and spotted belly. Later I was joined byDavid Assmann who told me that this sighting is significant as there has notbeen a recorded "breeding pair" in the Presidio in several years. As we chatted Iasked him about any recent sightings of Olive-sided Flycatchers. No sooner than weacknowledged that this species is seemingly in decline then we spotted a singleOlive-sided perched on a tall tree at the upper corner of Kobbe.

As an aside the past two mornings I have observed numeroussightings of Hump-backed and possible Gray whales from the Coastal Bluffs trail.

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Felix Rigau

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