Date: 5/19/17 9:18 am
From: world oceans <world.oceans7...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Huie Ponds, Clayton Co.
Hi, There was no sign at Huie this morning of the bb whistlng ducks
reported yesterday. I heard an interesting flycatcher song which I will
post details of after I review a few more recordings. A small variety of
shorebirds remains in the northern Ponds, and numbers of swallows and
bluebirds were encouraging.
James Gibson
Clayton Co.

The list between 0830 and 1105:

17 adult,9 young Canada geese
9adult, 6 young Mallard
2 D-C Cormorant
6 Great blue heron
1 Green heron
1 Great egret
2 Black vulture
1 Osprey
1 Red-Shouldered hawk
12 adult, 11 young Killdeer
1 Semipalmated plover
1 Pectoral sandpiper
2 Semipalmated sandpiper
4 peep sp?
15 Rock pigeon
5 Mourning dove
1 Northern Flicker
1 Flycatcher sp?
22 Am. Crow
2 Fish crow
4 No. Roughwinged swallow
2 Purple martin
32 Tree swallow
12 Barn swallow
13 Cliff swallow
1 Tufted Titmouse
1 Carolina wren
24 Eastern bluebird
4 Am. Robin
2 Brown thrasher
8 No mockingbird
7 Eur. Starling
3 Song sparrow
1 EasternTowhee
1 Northern Cardinal
16 Redwinged blackbird
1 Common Grackle

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