Date: 5/19/17 8:12 am
From: Miles Shaylor <mgshaylor...>
Subject: Stillwater
I went out to Stillwater NWR and Harmon reservoir yesterday. Take lots of insect repellent if you go. The roads were in good condition and there's lots of water. The bird population was much less than I expected with all the water there. There were only a few coots and eared grebes visible at Harmon reservoir. The canal along the road had quite a few Clark's grebes. Stillwater point, after many years of being dry, has water in it. Oddly enough, Upper Foxtail lake is nearly dry. There was no sign of the great horned owl in the cottonwood between Foxtail and Upper Foxtail lakes. There were eight pelicans, four redheaded ducks and one black-crowned night heron at Foxtail lake. Almost all the canals have water in them and Clark's grebes were plentiful in the canals. Nutgrass lake and Goose lake both have water and there were about 30 pelicans on Goose lake. The usual suspects were out and about, egrets, herons, pelicans, blackbirds, kingbirds, meadowlarks, and such, but i was surprised at how few there were. Maybe 40 pelicans, two great herons, two great egrets, four snowy egrets, maybe three night herons. Stillwater NWR is about 12 miles NE of Fallon, Nevada.
Miles Shaylor
Reno, Nevada
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