Date: 5/18/17 12:16 pm
From: Ruth Stearns <ruthstearns...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Wilderness Park at Old Cheney
Been out of the state a few days, plus it seems to rain here when I'm home, so it wasn't until today that I got many of the usual FOY's birding the trails north and south of Old Cheney Road in Wilderness Park this morning, between around 10 and 12:30 pm.  Briefly ran into Esa Jarvi, who alerted me to Louisiana Waterthrush south of the road, which eventually I found singing away and sashaying along and above the stream that heads east from the walking bridge.   Heard at least two more west of the bridge as I watched the east pair.   Also heard one further south along the trail where the water can sometimes cross the trail.  I first saw LOWA's here in 2013, and then again in the same spot in 2015 and 2016.  At this point Larry Einemann had joined me on the bridge.  I saw a flash of red while on the bridge, but the bird did not fly like a cardinal...I spotted a Summer Tanager and it stayed long enough for Larry to see as well.  
A couple of other FOY's that I particularly enjoyed were the Yellow-throated Vireo and a cooperative little Magnolia Warbler, only the second time I've seen one in Nebraska.  It was quite south of the walking bridge, after the part where the loop trails meet coming from the west, and just after an east trail joins coming down from the high point.  It was flitting low to the ground, (just like the one I found Monday morning in Scanlon, MN!)  
Not many warblers (5) that's for sure.  It's funny how long it takes me to realize one of the incessant singers isn't a House Wren, but the Tennessee Warblers, but I relearned that again this year.  Lots of catbirds  

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