Date: 5/18/17 6:55 am
From: Joseph Neal <joeneal...>
Subject: field trip Siloam Springs City Lake Saturday damn the rain, full speed ahead
This note concerns the Saturday, May 20, Northwest Arkansas Audubon Society field trip to Siloam Springs City Lake. Due to recent flooding, one of the ways folks traveling from Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers area get to the lake is closed. You cannot get there on Dawn Hill Road East off of highway 59 (turn near Sleepy Hollow store). Bridge is closed. Instead, go this way:

Directions to Siloam Springs City Lake, entering Siloam from the east on 412. From intersection of 412 and highway 59, turn right (north) onto highway 59. Travel about 1.0 miles to traffic light. At light, turn left (west) onto Cheri Whitlock Rd (aka, highway 264, 43, etc). Travel about 2.5 miles on Whitlock to intersection of Whitlock and Dawn Hill Road (on right). Turn right onto Dawn Hill Road (north) and travel about 2.2 miles to south side of lake, where we meet (9 AM).

A big rain is currently predicted for Saturday, but trip is on. We do not get far from cars on this trip and even heavy rain is not a threat to anyone’s safety. We will just manage the trip around whatever hand the weather deals. Bad weather can lead to some excellent birding.

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