Date: 5/17/17 3:06 pm
From: Dottie Boyles <ctboyles...>
Subject: Re: IMBD and Global Big Day -results
Butch and all,

The website is:
Scroll down to ‘Explore a Region’, type in Arkansas or you can just type
in a County name and hit Enter.

On the right side of the screen, it will give you the Top eBirders for
Arkansas and Top Counties.
For detailed information you can click on Top 100 eBirders or All Counties
to see where you rank.

Currently Arkansas came in 46th out of 51 states and the District of
Columbia, with 170 species. At least that is up from last night when I
checked and we were ranked 47.
Last year we were #45 with 175 species. In 2015 we were #40 with 182
species. Apparently there has been a decline in the number of species
reported each year.

That information can be found by clicking on the United States (in blue)
located right under Arkansas. Then, again, on the right hand side, search
Top States/Provinces – All States/Provinces.

Benton Co. kept their top spot with 106 species, down from 125 in 2016.
Pulaski Co. dropped from 2nd place the past two years to 4th with 90
species, although that's only 3 less from 2016. Not too bad considering a
lot of Pulaski Co birders were at Mount Magazine for the weekend.

Which brings me to Logan County which had 0 birds for 2016, they came in
3rd with 91 species.

Also, at the top of the page (under Arkansas) you will see a box that says
“Global Big Day May 13, 2017” with a drop down arrow. Change the date,
click “Set” and it will give you the results of the past three years.

You can also search other states the same way if you have friends that

Results are still being tallied, so rankings can still change.

There were two counties that for some reason didn’t get their species
counted. Miller and Crawford. I think the person who birded Miller County
just needs to change their checklist from PM (nocturnal) to AM and that
checklist will count. Not sure why the species for Crawford Co. didn’t
count, I’ve emailed the Birdman about it.

On Wed, 17 May 2017 15:49:45 -0500, Gmail <butchchq8...> wrote:
Actually, I never have seen any tallies from the IMBD/Big Day Challenge.

I was able to go out on Sunday, the day after. I started at Coler Preserve
in Bentonville, moved on to Lake Bella Vista, then to Tanyard Creek Trail.
This produced a variety of species totaling 39. Charlie Craig Fish Hatchery
was pretty slow due to none of ponds being down, and there was only Spotted
Sandpiper there representing shorebirds. Then I went to Eagle Watch in
Gentry and Chesney Prairie. Bobwhites and Dickcissel where calling
everywhere. I finished with another stop at Charlie Craig. 69 species was
my count. The best birds of the day were Painted Bunting, juvenile
Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Loggerhead Shrike, and a pair of Western Kingbirds
all seen with clear view. The kingbirds were an especially pleasant
surprise, even more so that they didn't mind my skidding to a halt and
sliding 10 feet on a gravel road and quickly backing up to get a look a
what had to be my imagination playing tricks on me. But there they were on
a barbed-wire fence as plain as day. Score!

Yes, a good day of birding! I hope others enjoyed as much as I did.

Butch Tetzlaff
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