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Subject: Fw: [OKBIRDS] Tiny tracking devices on small songbirds may come at a cost

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Subject: [OKBIRDS] Tiny tracking devices on small songbirds may come at a cost

I trust that our natural resource managers and researchers are in the process of reviewing the recent findings published in the peer-reviewed Condor and applying them to their own projects regarding the potential negative effect that geolocators may have on small migratory songbirds. Researchers monitored male Cerulean Warblers with and without geolocators to see how they fared. They found that while geolocators had no effect on the birds' nesting success in the same season following their capture, birds with geolocators were less likely to reappear on their territories after migration the next year - 16% of geolocator-tagged birds returned from migration, versus 35% of the birds in the control group. I'm afraid that some of the smaller songbirds just can't lug around this extra weight or deal with potential drag on their long-distance migrations.

Pasted below are links to one of the related stories and the abstract.

Thank you.

Nathan Kuhnert

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