Date: 5/15/17 9:00 pm
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Subject: [NEBirds] Howard County 5/13/17 & 5/14/17
Nebraska birders,

Lanny and I birded in Howard County both Saturday and Sunday.
Steve Morris joined us on Sunday. Following our list of
highlights are some details.

Eastern Kingbirds
Warbling Vireos
Bank Swallows
Common Yellowthroats
Red-eyed Vireos
Rose-breasted Grosbeaks
Eastern Wood-Pewee
Northern Bobwhites
Bell's Vireos
Eastern Phoebes
Wilson's Phalarope
Least Flycatcher
Black-headed Grosbeak
Blackpoll Warbler
Great Crested Flycatcher
Tennessee Warbler

Saturday, May 13, Lanny and I birded in Howard County for just
a few hours in the morning. We stopped at Dannebrog for a few
minutes and saw Eastern Kingbirds. We heard Warbling Vireos.
Along the highway north of Dannebrog, we saw and heard

We looked for St. Paul's sewage lagoons. We found the gate
locked and we could not see the water. We did see a pair of
Bank Swallows (new county bird) and we heard a Common

At North Loup Recreation Area, north of St. Paul, we heard and
saw a Red-eyed Vireo, three Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and an
Eastern Wood-Pewee.

At the Lake of the Woods subdivision northwest of St. Paul,
we saw two Northern Bobwhite magically appear in the middle
of the road right in front of us. We also saw and heard two
Bobolinks. Along Twin Forks Road between Lake of the Woods
and Marsh Wren Wildlife Area, we heard a Bell's Vireo. At
Marsh Wren, we saw a pair of Eastern Phoebes at a small

Sunday, May 14, Lanny and I birded with Steve Morris at
Dannebrog's nature trail and cemetery in the morning only.
We heard several Red-eyed Vireos. The trail goes around the
sewage lagoons. That's where we saw a Wilson's Phalarope
(new county bird). We heard a Least Flycatcher, a Bell's
Vireo, a Great Crested Flycatcher and a Tennessee Warbler.
We saw a Black-headed Grosbeak and a female Blackpoll Warbler.

The female Blackpoll Warbler was very cooperative. She
foraged in a tree without lots of leaves and at eye level
for a few minutes. The Tennessee Warbler was not very
cooperative. We could hear it singing loudly from a bush
low to the ground. We got close but could not see it.

Lanny added one bird each day to his Howard County for a
new total of 176. As did I. We are tied in Howard County.

NO eBird

Robin Harding
northern Kearney County

May 19-21 birding event based in Auburn, Nebraska
Brought to you by the Nebraska Ornithologists' Union
Field trips to Indian Cave State Park and other great birding
areas in southeastern Nebraska.

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