Date: 5/15/17 5:32 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: Re: Cerulian Warbler wanted
There's a field trip to Cave Mountain next month. I recommend that one
way or another. Not sure I'll be going as it is a long drive but, it's
a good trip. When we went we got to see a cerulean, worm eating, and
more. And after the group split up, my daughter and I headed over to
lost valley and found ourselves a bear. Was a fun day. :)
If it were me, I'd use those Ebird maps and see where they've been
reported near me in the past and explore there. I'm no expert on these
birds at all but I seem to find them(only twice now I think) in areas
with lots of trees, some hills, and near water... I'm sure a person
could get more specific than that. There could be some right down the
road from you for all we know. Some areas don't get Ebirded(that's a
word right?) very well. So it's difficult to know what's right in your
own neighborhood sometimes. I did look at the maps myself just now and
narrowed it down to sightings from this year and the whole buffalo area
seemed to have the most reports. So if you're sticking with those two
places, whether you go on the trip or not, that's where I'd suggest.

Field trips... June 4th isn't too far away if you want to go there with
a group of people...

Good luck.
Last year we saw one at Devil's Eyebrow but that would be quite a bit
further. They're out there.

Daniel Mason

On 5/15/2017 6:27 PM, Glenn wrote:
> Last year, my goal was to find a Cerulian Warbler. Well life
> conspired against that goal and I was never able to get up and look
> for one. I am available next week (May 22-26), so I want to make an
> effort. I know I can look at eBird for sightings of this bird. But
> I'm looking for input from people who are experienced finding the
> Cerulian. Where are my best chances? I know Cave Creek (I think that
> is the name, up by Boxley Valley somewhere) and Cherry Bend on the Pig
> Trail. Both are about 3-3.5 hours from my house. Which is my best
> bet? If anybody would like to ride with me, or meet me there, that
> would be great. I am flexible at the moment for next week, day and
> time. Just tell me when you would prefer.
> Glenn Wyatt
> Cabot, AR

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