Date: 5/15/17 10:39 am
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Subject: Re: Gnat repellent
Report card: Lavender essential oil vs. Johnsons Baby Creamy Oil. I applied a few spots of lavender essential oil to areas of my face and arms. Walked through my wooded driveway to the highway, where gnats usually hang out and with the lavender, gnats still got me and they actually landed and stayed on the areas where I put the lavender. So for me, it will still be Johnsons Baby Creamy Oil. I know different things work for different people ... I've learned that over the years trying to combat chigger bites :-) Always eager to try new things though.

Gail in Conway

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Gnats drive me nuts in the summer. They dive straight into my eyes. I use this product, forgotten now where I read about it. I used to get it at my local Kroger, but they no longer carry it, so I order from Amazon. I prefer the sent of the Cocoa Shea Butter over the Aloe and Vit E. I keep some of it in my pocket in a contact lens case. You do have to apply it pretty often, but at least for me, it works! I apply it to my face, even around my eyes and to my arms.

Gail Miller

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Subject: Gnat repellent

Does anyone have a proven sure fire repellent for gnats? I don't care if it is an old wives tale or something purchased at the store. I went to Gilliam Park today and was overrun with them. Please reply all because I am sure there are others who would be interested as well.
David Ray
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