Date: 5/14/17 6:59 pm
From: Herschel Raney <herschel.raney...>
Subject: Jackson County
We went there today because of the butterflies. As I said in a note to
the butterfly group, Jackson county had no documented butterflies. So we
fixed that.

While wandering there on the back roads we saw a few interesting birds
of note.

On a road east of Coffeeville that heads to Old Grand Glaise there is a
sand operation that is large and impressive. There are many mounds of
manmade sand there. Some of which appear to be aging and fairly
consolidated. Multiple swallow species were enjoying the surrounding
areas. But there were several Bank Swallows there. And Bo and I both
thought we could see Banks going into nest holes in the upper sand
banks. I was not aware of Bank Swallows nesting anywhere in this area.

And walking a road just north of there towards the White River we walked
through an intermittently flooded area with many young oak trees that
was jammed with Chats but also at least three Bell's Vireos. One of
which showed itself to the be the bright eastern form. All counties with
Bell's I think need to keep an eye on these guys. And some of the oak
species out there were bright red in May. I don't know what the red oak
species is that is rich red in May, but I want some.

And the Dickcissels in Jackson county sound absolutely nothing like the
Dickcissels in Faulkner county. I was amazed the sounds were coming from
Dickcissels. Some of them with six and seven note calls ending in a
weird buzz. Who knew? I thought they all sounded like mine. But all of
them there were speaking the same wonderful dialect.

Herschel Raney

Conway AR
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