Date: 5/13/17 4:03 pm
From: Sandy Berger <sndbrgr...>
Subject: IMBD Crawford County 101 species
I birded Crawford County for IMBD/Global today. 98 miles in just shy of 10
hours. Had an incredible day. Best bird was probably the Least Bittern
calling on Sharp Chapel Road. But, when I get my favorite warbler,
Chestnut-sided, I am extremely happy. Was starting to worry this year. 17
warbler species day.
It's a shame we got so much water too late. Lots of nice mud in the Van
Buren Bottoms. I found one Avocet, one Semipal Plover, a handful of
White-rumpeds, Leasts, and Pectorals, and at least 12 Spotteds.
Wiffed on Lark Sparrow, Bald Eagle, and a couple other things. The AR
river is extremely high so no terns or gulls.
My count is on Ebird.
I'm plum tired.

Sandy Berger

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