Date: 5/13/17 2:54 pm
From: <hpsalyar...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Yard Birds, Central residential Hastings
Hastings, Adams co. pssmd
This has been a somewhat strange year for migration. Have had a rose Breast Grosbeak in yard for 3 days. Saw a Swainson's thrush this morning. A week ago had a white crowned sparrow and before that had what I believe was a Lincoln Sparrow. Baltimore Orioles came back five days ago.

Have both species of wren, house and Carolina, and have had both species of nuthatch, white breast and red breast. The house wren totally disappeared during the winter but returned late in April and now we have both.
We have many goldfinches, house finches, blue jays, cardinals, cat bird and brown thrashers.
For warblers we had yellow, orange crowned and yellow rumped. Still no sign of a chickadee though ever since West Nile.
Regularly have downy woodpecker and flicker. One day in mid April that was warm and slightly foggy I also had briefly a red-headed woodpecker and a red bellied woodpecker but they didn't stay.
It seems like migration is strung out a bit and they are straggling through in unusual order

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