Date: 5/13/17 10:46 am
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: When will I learn?
Once, I was at Lake Fayetteville birding and I came up to where there
were LOTS of coots... I briefly looked at them, said something to
myself about a red bill and moved on... later on I was like "what?" to
myself... but never went back to look as I was short on time. Last year
I heard what I'm certain was a burrowing owl in an odd location...
around the same time there was one in town at the middle school... just
hanging out. I didn't see either... but the one I heard, I didn't know
what it was at the time... hoo hoo with a rough kind of sound at the
end... off in the woods just a bit(I think, could have been grass over
there) and the blue jays were NOT happy... I shrugged it off and moved
on... again, short on time...

Today...... Went down the river near my house and flushed some
birds... found one in a tree that had a strong blue head and a bright
white belly. My first thought was lazuli, especially with the other
ones that have been reported lately. But, I didn't see the reddish
breast and decided it was likely a young indigo. Didn't snap a
picture... moments later after it was gone I double checked indigo
juveniles and nothing had THAT much white on it. So I either saw a
lazuli that I just didn't pick up on the upper breast color because of
the lighting... or, more likely I guess, a partially leucistic indigo.
Whatever it was, I again found myself regretting. I hung out down there
in that area another hour but never found it again.

Daniel Mason

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