Date: 5/13/17 8:50 am
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Subject: [NEBirds] Yard bird #95 WFIB
Not an unusual bird in the state/region, but, I was excited to see a flock of 9 White-faced Ibis fly low right over my house today for yard species 95! Probably the most unexpected species on my land list, as there is not any suitable habitat for many miles around. Was odd to see them flying so low over the ponderosa-covered hills that they were practically in the forest.

Down in our valley, the Saw-whet Owl continues to vocalize at night, and it is very possible that it is breeding on the land. Wayne Mollhoff and Jerry Toll will be coming out on Tuesday to try and band it. According to Wayne, if it is indeed breeding, it would be the first documented natural (non-nest box) nest reported in the state, thus proving that the birds also nest naturally, and aren't just moving in to take advantage of "free housing". One of our 2 NSWO nest boxes is occupied, but by a nesting kestrel incubating eggs, not by owls.

Common Poorwills have also returned and are calling at night down the hill. Good birding, everyone!

Peter Hill
Rural Whiteclay
Sheridan County

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