Date: 5/12/17 10:12 am
From: 'Gubanyi,Joe' <Joseph.Gubanyi...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Whip-poor-wills at Oak Glen WMA and sedge wren in my yard
Last night, Jen Fruend, Brisco Schaefer and I conducted the Oak Glen WMA nightjar survey. This is the earliest I have done the count by two weeks, but because of time commitments and available dates based on moon phases, I had little choice. I checked eBird and nightjars had already been reported well north of Nebraska. Conditions were ideal with clear skies, a small breeze, and near full moon. We heard 14 eastern whip-poor-wills, no chuck-wills-widows or common nighthawks. We also heard barred owls at more than one stop including as many as 3 at one stop. I put the total count at 6. I also found a sedge wren in my yard about 30 ft from our house yesterday morning. It spent most of the day there. I got a couple of nice photos, one of which I posted on eBird. It was new yard bird and not one I had on my expected to see list.

I posted both sightings on eBird.

Joe Gubanyi


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