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I am possibly rethinking the Prairie Creek Recreation area as there will be tons of campers there. SO, I could take Shaddox Hollow along with Van Winkle, Sinking Stream, and the Nursery pond. Pigeon Roost could easily be an all-day count and not within my grasp this weekend.

Hobbs and War Eagle are both about 99% in Benton County. I found a Google maps mashup that shows county lines here- <> &q=rogers%2C+arkansas&0=Load

Is anyone doing Chesney Prairie? I love this place and would hate to see it not get in the count. If no one is doing Chesney, is it credible to do a count Sunday morning?

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Pigeon Roost and Shaddox Hollow are in Benton County.

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Yeah, looks like we're set up to have a lot of duplication in the eastern part of the county. I've been counting in that area for years, and had no idea that anyone else was doing that area. I'm not sure if there are some other spots out there that can be done. There are two other trails, Pigeon Roost and Shaddox Hollow. I know I'm not able to do Pigeon Roost, and not sure if I can do Shaddox Hollow.. I don't know if the War Eagle area is in Benton County or Madison County.

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Just thought of another question for the NWA group. Since we're not able to all get together at one time to really coordinate it perfectly(I'm sure there will be overlap), does everyone know how to handle the overlap? I could be wrong here but, I think if we were all doing separate areas it would be good to fill out one form for our entire day, listing the total numbers of birds for the day. If I was birding location(s) that nobody else was, this would work fine for the count. But since we may end up overlapping in places, Mike will need to know that. If 4 cardinals were seen by someone at the hatchery and they saw a total of 7 for the day, and they had just one sheet that said they saw 7 cardinals... but, someone else saw 5 cardinals at the hatchery and saw a total of 17 for the day... those numbers would be added up. Mike needs to know when two people bird the same place so he can just take the highest number for each species.
I'll go back through my emails to contact the person that said they were thinking of doing the eagle watch. If it's not being covered I will cover it. If it is, I have other places around here I can definitely get some good birds at. I kind of wish we planned a little earlier and had some sort of interactive map or something we could all list off the places we were headed... and then also look at places that had no people going and we could maybe fill in some more. I'm sure it will all work out well though. :)


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