Date: 5/11/17 7:28 pm
From: 'Lanny and Robin' <snowbunting...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Sandhill Cranes
Nebraska birders,

Thursday, May 11, I walked across a parking lot at Univ. of
Nebraska Kearney during the lunch hour. I thought I heard a
Sandhill Crane. No, it can't be. Then I heard it
again. I looked up and saw four Sandhill Cranes flying fairly
low over the campus. I have heard that Rowe Sanctuary has
records of Sandhill Crane sightings in every month of the year.
Summertime sightings are usually crippled birds. So what in
heck are they doing here now?

NO eBird

Robin Harding
northern Kearney County

May 19-21 birding event based in Auburn, Nebraska
Brought to you by the Nebraska Ornithologists' Union
Field trips to Indian Cave State Park and other great birding
areas in southeastern Nebraska.



Posted by: "Lanny and Robin" <snowbunting...>



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