Date: 5/11/17 6:53 pm
From: gretta vowell <gretta.aeiou...>
Subject: Re: this coming Saturday, Benton Co
Pigeon Roost and Shaddox Hollow are in Benton County.

On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 6:06 PM, Karen Garrett <kjgarrett84...>

> Yeah, looks like we're set up to have a lot of duplication in the eastern
> part of the county. I've been counting in that area for years, and had no
> idea that anyone else was doing that area. I'm not sure if there are some
> other spots out there that can be done. There are two other trails, Pigeon
> Roost and Shaddox Hollow. I know I'm not able to do Pigeon Roost, and not
> sure if I can do Shaddox Hollow.. * I don't know if the War Eagle area
> is in Benton County or Madison County.*
> On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 8:31 AM, Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
> wrote:
>> Just thought of another question for the NWA group. Since we're not able
>> to all get together at one time to really coordinate it perfectly(I'm sure
>> there will be overlap), does everyone know how to handle the overlap? I
>> could be wrong here but, I think if we were all doing separate areas it
>> would be good to fill out one form for our entire day, listing the total
>> numbers of birds for the day. If I was birding location(s) that nobody
>> else was, this would work fine for the count. But since we may end up
>> overlapping in places, Mike will need to know that. If 4 cardinals were
>> seen by someone at the hatchery and they saw a total of 7 for the day, and
>> they had just one sheet that said they saw 7 cardinals... but, someone else
>> saw 5 cardinals at the hatchery and saw a total of 17 for the day... those
>> numbers would be added up. Mike needs to know when two people bird the
>> same place so he can just take the highest number for each species.
>> I'll go back through my emails to contact the person that said they were
>> thinking of doing the eagle watch. If it's not being covered I will cover
>> it. If it is, I have other places around here I can definitely get some
>> good birds at. I kind of wish we planned a little earlier and had some
>> sort of interactive map or something we could all list off the places we
>> were headed... and then also look at places that had no people going and we
>> could maybe fill in some more. I'm sure it will all work out well though.
>> :)
>> Daniel...
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