Date: 5/11/17 6:34 pm
From: 'Elliott Bedows' <ebedows...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Sarpy Co. sightings
Hi everyone,

Included are some birds from today, earlier in the week that never got
posted and some backyard sightings.

After a rather benign morning in the Forest - nothing that Mary Clausen's
reported other than: Harris' Sparrow [10], Linc. Sp. [1], CC'd Sparrow [2],
Orchard Oriole [3], Chim. Swift [15] and Le. Flycatcher in the floodplain,
afterwhich, I went home and took a nap J!

After noon, I went for a walk around Prairie Queen Rec Area (PQRA) where the
notable sightings included: more Orch. & Balt. Orioles, a Sora that did not
vocalize, but boldly walked around the little marshy area on the east side
of the Lk just north of the trees [and this at 1:30 in the afternoon] and a
Blue Grosbeak {FOY].

On the homefront, RT'd Hummingbirds [2] are being seen daily and we added a
new yard bird yesterday: a Wood Thrush was singing in our garden.

Finally, yesterday after the T-storms rolled thru I birded areas along
Harlen-Lewis Rd. where I saw: an Osprey (circling over Base Lk), more
Harris', Linc. & Wht-thrt'd Sparrows and a Solitary Sandpiper at Base Lk,
and a Willet at La Platte Bottoms. Along Missouri River Rd on the east side
of the sod farms I saw my FOY Killdeer chicks [3]. And those rains produced
acres of new sheet water that may revaeal many Shorbs for the Saturday

Elliott Bedows

Bellevue, Sarpy Co.

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