Date: 5/10/17 3:14 pm
From: Lyndal York <lrbluejay...>
Subject: Black-capped Vireo
Just returned from a search for my nemesis bird. Met Ken Dayer of Silver
City, NM and formerly of Little Rock in Lawton, OK. Ten miles to the
Wichita Mtns. NWR at the crack of dawn and up Elk Mt. ... really a big
hill. The birds were not heard until it warmed a bit. On the first full day
we saw or heard 7 Black-capped Vireos. Two lousy photos. On the second day
we returned to a site identified on day one and were successful in getting
a photo of the bird but nothing like the quality of a Mitchell Pruitt shot.
We were able to find 4 birds down lower in the scrub oaks for a trip total
of 11 BCVI. These birds are very reluctant to show themselves and
photographing them is a real challenge.

A few observations on the bird distribution. No Indigo Buntings but plenty
of singing Painted Buntings. No White-eyed Vireos. A few Red-eyed Vireos in
spite of being listed as R on the checklist. Mississippi Kites common. A
few Red-tailed Hawks. No big warbler migration here. A couple of Yellow
Warblers were found.

Lyndal York
Little Rock

Buffalo, Prairie Dogs and Long-horned Cattle were in abundance.

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