Date: 5/10/17 9:19 am
From: <hpsalyar...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Hastings birds
Adams co, central residential Hastings. yard birds.
Birds continue to straggle in . This morning highlight was rose breasted grosbeak who seemed quite tame. Hung around for at least two hours and visited three different feeder locations. Have been blessed with two sets of wrens. All winter only heard Carolina wrens then in April they disappeared and we have at least three pairs of house wrens. Just recently have heard the Carolina wrens too. Also catbird and brown thrasher have returned. Had orange crowned , yellow, and yellow rumped warblers. Heard Oriole on Monday morning. Downy woodpecker and flicker, mourning dove and ringed dove, scads of house finches and some house sparrows. Had a Lincoln Sparrow about three weeks ago I'm pretty sure. Blue Jays, cardinals gold finches,grackles round out the birds that have been pretty steady. Warblers were sparse. Also red and white breasted nuthatches.
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